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30 Things to Do When 30

December 10, 2012

1. Throw banana split ice-cream social (done on August 24, 2012)

2. Pet a bunny (done on September 9, 2012)

3. Walk to church (done on September 23, 2012)

4. Take Annalise and Elizabeth to Full Tilt (well, I’ve done half of this one)

5. Make a mosaic with Mari (done on October 14, 2012)

6. Pick apples in Washington and bake a pie with Jen (done on October 21, 2012)

7. Start blog (done on October 25, 2012)

8. Go snow shoeing (done on January 2013)

9. Start twitter for blog

10. Draft book

11. Host silent retreat

12. Do indoor skydiving

13. Go kayaking in the wild

14. Improve Spanish—find conversation partner (although in the last month I’ve been more inspired to learn some Nepali)

15. Cook Southern breakfast for RAC friends

16. Go abroad somewhere (besides Canada—though another visit or 2 there would be great too!)

17. Grow herbs

18. Take a trip to wine country with Seble

19. Go rock climbing outdoors (I heard off of Highway 42 is a good place for beginners)

20. Take a zumba class

21. Start Bible storytelling group

22. Visit Seattle glass art museum with Charity

23. Do a hard core trek/hike (Nepal?)

24. Read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and SweetPrayer and Temperament and Jayber Crow

25. Watch Star Wars with Nate Jones and last Pirates of the Caribbean

26. Visit San Diego

27. Visit Eastern WA

28. Rent a jeep and go somewhere cool

29. Go surfing

30. Make cards-card-making party

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